Apr. 27th, 2009

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there is this sailing club trying to kick my friend's AMAZING project out of Meadow Lake in Flushing Meadows park.

Now, the lake is huge. There is plenty of room to sail around the island! and plus the island is full of cute girls (as shown here).

How you can help? Please call 311 and ask to leave a compliment for the Parks Dept. The operators are very tickled to talk to someone who is not angry, btw.

Just ask that the Flushtopia project be allowed to stay in Meadow Lake until at least the end of the summer. It's a great benefit to the community, brings new people to the park, etc. I wouldn't bring up the sailing club. We just need some compliments to balance out the complaints (they think it's homeless people camping out there!)

They ask for your name/address, but you can leave it anonymous if you wish. You do not have to be a New Yorker or even have to have seen the project.

Thank you in advance for helping to save this magical project! look at the plywood replica of the Philip Johnson towers in front of the real ones on the skyline! f'in genius!

And for those of you who *are* in NYC - I will be organizing a sunset cocktail party on the island in the next 2 weeks. So if you have made your 311 call, leave me a note and I'll make sure you get the invite.

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