Apr. 11th, 2007

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Last night I headed to Empire Skate in Crown Heights. They're closing in a week. It's tragic. There are neighborhoods and cities all over the place trying to figure out how to keep the kids off drugs and off the streets -- and here we are, letting a completely awesome place turn into a storage facility.

As the guy in front of us in line said "Everybody comes to the funeral!" He brought his own skates. The line stretched to the end of the block. The place was pretty packed.

Everybody looks better whizzing by in a circle. I told Jenene "It's like those rotating cake stands in diners -- humans like to catch a glimpse of what they want. It's boring if it's just standing still." There is something peaceful about going around and around. You get a moment to groove. It's a little bit like flying, too.

Dudes were super peacocky, doing jumps, skating backwards, having dance-offs. The place reeked of testosterone, and a little bit of weed, ancient weed which had permeated the place over the years. Yet, some guys were skating arm in arm and holding hands. There was one guy with light-up skates who formed a kind of Rockettes-style line of guys whizzing along, all connected. One guy in the line had thick dreads down to his heels, now that looked dangerous to me.

We kept mostly to the baby rink. I never quite learned how to stop, and my friends kept saying "On the big rink, you don't need to stop!"

Au Revoir Empire Skate - the last skating rink in NYC after the Skate Key in the Bronx closed. Word was that a lot of the people there had driven down from the Bronx, and soon they would all have to drive to Bergen, NJ to get their skate on.

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