Apr. 19th, 2007

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Now that school is ending, I hope to be posting more over on my cities blog. I don't like wordpress as much as lj, but maybe I just don't get the functionality yet because I don't use it a lot?

here's my latest post. If you'd rather get a feed, you can do that here (I will stop cross-posting once anyone ever starts looking at the cities blog! it's still waay below radar).

This upcoming Monday, April 23, you are invited to explore the "rusty grandeur of the Carrie Furnace -- the last of the unused blast furnaces in the Pittsburgh area and a truly monumental structure which sits on the Monongahela River," according to Jebediah Feldman, deputy mayor of Braddock, PA. Allegheny County plans to redevelop it as a steel heritage site in the model of the Sloss Furnaces in Alabama.

Meet at Hidy's Bar under the Rankin Bridge between 12:30 and 4:30 pm

and RSVP to BraddockMayor@gmail.com.

I visited the Carrie Furnace many years ago in the one spectacular weekend trip I've taken to Pittsburgh. I am planning to head back for the first national conference on vacant and abandoned properties, this fall. Pittsburgh seems like a wonderful place to live -- I remember the bridges sparkling over the rivers running through the center of the city, the strange small incline railways.

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