May. 30th, 2007

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This Saturday, June 2nd, at 4pm we are celebrating the opening of the Paterson Project, at the Paterson Museum in (you guessed it) Paterson, NJ.

The Flux Factory (an arts collective) will be in residency for six weeks, holding town meetings, group readings of the William Carlos Williams poem Paterson, lots of great tours (industrial archaeology!!) and otherwise researching and investigating the place. The objective is to create a new monument to Paterson.

I am starting a small community outreach photo project, where I will be giving away disposable cameras to Paterson residents, and displaying the results in the museum as a visual representation of their own Paterson. I've found some really great similar projects out there:
The Cameo Project
and -- both tracking disposable cameras as they are handed off on journeys around the world. I love it.

an artistic collaboration between Flux Factory and an entire city

June 2-July 14

At the opening: meet the participants, eat some food, hear about the project, and most importantly...come to Paterson!

For further information, including a schedule of our summer events in Paterson visit:

Phone: 718-707-3362
Email contact: Stefany Anne Golberg,

Flux Factory is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization
Jean Barberis, Mikey Barringer, Angela Beallor, Jason David Brown, Christine Conforti, Joseph Costa, Giacomo De Stefano, Peter Duyan, Alita Edgar, eteam, Neil Freeman, Dana Gramp, The Ivanhoe Artists Mosaic of Paterson, Suzanne Joelson, Joe Milutis, The Paterson Museum, Leonora Retsas, Joe Ruffilo, Shuli Sade, Ruth Stanford
*Conceived and Organized by Stefany Anne Golberg and Morgan Meis*

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