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I just started this community: [ profile] best_of_etsy -- it's intended to highlight great Etsy sellers (not to promo your own stuff). I know I am impressed all the time when I'm searching Etsy, and I wish I had a better way to share those sellers with here it is.

Please come join and post! All you Etsy sellers and shoppers. No need to join Etsy to browse.
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Got a few items listed!

including Dana's amazing ship and plane pillows. They are super nice in person, and $10 off the original price.

I have sooo much more to do! Good thing it's hibernation season again.
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BIG RIG JIG - 2, originally uploaded by Mike C.

This is the warehouse in Oakland where my downstairs neighbor is leading a team of welders in making a huge sculpture. It's two tanker trucks (real ones) forming a vertical helix with a garden inside.

He's something like $20k over budget already. We're having a fundraiser next weekend at 3rd Ward.

My people are beautiful and rare! Last night I was too exhausted to really get down but happy to be with them. I rode home from 181st St./the George Washington Bridge on my bike yesterday. Yeah that's a long way. Also saw the reed boat:

article about people sailing ancient-tech rafts

!!! Then helicopters landed right next to us and I was like "Whoa" and Jeff was like "the place where we live is surreal."


Aug. 8th, 2007 08:57 am
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Dear Gavin Newsom..., originally uploaded by Laughing Squid.

Chicken is running this ad in the SF Bay Guardian today. HYSTERICAL. I also found out that I can fly to SF for about $350 this month. Very tempting! I need to get out of humid-ville USA aka my apartment.

tiny ruins

Jul. 26th, 2007 10:13 am
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tiny size.jpg, originally uploaded by Reversible Skirt.

My dear friends are coming into town today to play some very limited engagements! They play sweet folk banjo/viola music.

- Late tonight at Goodbye Blue Monday on Broadway in Bushwick. Show starts at 9 but they're not on til 11 I think.

- 5p BBQ same place on Saturday

- ?? Your house party or rooftop on Friday? They'd love to meet some folks. They are leaving on Sunday.

Here's a link to the gawker photos of the boxing match I attended Tuesday. I didn't realize it was in THE Gleason's Gym, since 1936, where all the champs train, until the owner got up in the ring and told us.

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Argh. Does anyone have Netflix and would be willing to get me a DVD? I just need it for next Sunday. It's for a small event that should be fun but cannot happen unless some good Samaritan steps up. Because my VCR just ate the video (any video fixing-wizards out there?)

I can pick it up. Email me at reversibleskirt at gmail for details.
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I have two old ones I feel guilty about! So I am going to try to turn them in and get a new one.

WHEN: Saturday, July 21, 2007, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
WHERE: McCarren Park Greenmarket, Greenpoint/Williamsburg - Lorimer St. & Driggs Ave., Brooklyn

You get $35 toward the purchase of a new Energystar A/C for an old window A/C and $100 for a through-the-wall A/C. Not bad!

Do you think 5-year-old A/Cs are too old to run (we would only run them for like 4 weeks throughout the summer tops) ? They've never been cleaned or serviced. I hate to use them like disposables. But it also seems silly to haul them around town, get vouchers, buy new ones, haul them around town, etc. to just use them for a few weeks a year. Like maybe I should trade them in next year.
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Here's a condescending article in the Times about the freak-filled SF mayoral race... with a cute photo of Chicken! He says he talked to her for an hour and 45 minutes about all his ideas and political plans -- and you can see how that got distilled/interpreted.

He needs 8,000 more signatures to get on the ballot -- or $5k. If you live in or near SF and can help, go here to print out the forms:

Here's what he has to say:
In 1966, NASA was faced with an interesting problem. They needed a pen that would write in zero gravity. They spent millions of dollars developing a pen that would do just that. A scientific, precision instrument that didn’t need gravity to imprint a glyph on paper.

The Russian space program used a pencil.

When I started talking to people about running for Mayor, I got a lot of hard questions about my experience. I was told that I would not be taken seriously. That I would be viewed as less than qualified. That only a highly sophisticated and expensive tool could possibly get the job done. Untrue. Sometimes you only need a simple tool. People of San Francisco, I am that simple tool.

Relevant experience? I’ve successfully run a touring circus staffed entirely by rebellious youth, which requires exactly the same skill set I’ll need as Mayor when dealing with the Board of Supervisors. Same same. It’s true, I haven’t spent the last 10 years in City Hall. Instead, I’ve bought and maintained a 100-year-old live-work space in San Francisco. I’ve operated (and continue to operate) a small business in this city, going through the crushing trials of navigating city bureaucracies and the permit process in order to make interesting things happen in (what could easily be) the most interesting city in the world. Last summer, I spent a few months building a 110’ raft made of junk propelled by 2 VW engines that sent 35 happy artists down the Mississippi river.
I put on shows of all sizes in all places. I support and advocate art and the championing of the amateur artist, with my mantra of “Art for all purposes.” I helped facilitate the opening of a dozen art spaces. I converted my 1975 GMC pick up truck to run on wood gas (page 66) in a weekend. Made of junk, runs on garbage. Soon to run on coffee grinds: the Café Racer. Alternative energy is easier then it sounds.

Me and my dog have invested all our time, attention & money for a decade to make this city the interesting, whimsical, adventure-filled place I want it to be, and that I know so many people came here to participate in.

Watching it turn into a NIMBY suburb isn’t on the menu. It’s unacceptable. You may agree with me. As Mayor I will protect and promote the superior city that San Francisco can be.

People tell me this is impossible. You can never be mayor without support from the big developers or the city’s richest denizens. But throughout my life I’ve been doing impossible things, and most of them have been fabulously successful. And great fun! From running an amateur punk rock circus to getting Burning Man off the ground as a viable business to running a successful performance venue in San Francisco dedicated to all the arts that no other venue would touch. I am the man who beat City Tow out of 50 million dollars. I got a million stories. I’ll tell ‘em to ya later.
Stay with me, here….

The impossible is what I do, is what I’ve always done. But I can’t vote myself into the Mayor’s office. For that I need you. To the point: 10,000 signatures on old-school sheets of paper that all have to be done exactly right, each with ten totally legitimate names and addresses of bona fide registered voters in San Francisco, the city of Art and Innovation. If one name is wrong, the whole sheet gets thrown out. It’s complicated stuff, this politics. They don’t make it easy to do what I’m doing here. But that’s OK, getting a truck to run on garbage wasn’t easy either. Fighting for 10 years to generate more Units of Interesting in San Francisco wasn’t easy. None of it’s easy. But it all gets done. Of course it does. I’m not fuckin’ around. I’m a 100% guy. If I say I’m gonna do something, that’s exactly what happens. We only have our word. Without it, I am as bad as a politician.

I am not a politician.

But I am man with some idea about how this great city should operate. My platform is heavy on power generation and waste. And of course Innovation & Art. But these are things to roll out later. When I’m a candidate. Right now I need to pull together 10,000 signatures. And I defiantly need help. We have only collected like 2,000. It’s harder than it sounds. I am committing to run: to duel to the death!!! I’d like it if 80 of you could commit to getting 100 signatures by the 25th. Here’s what you do: print 20 copies of these forms ON 10 SHEETS OF PAPER: DOCUMENT 1 ON THE FRONT, DOCUMENT 2 ON THE BACK. Print them out, have registered voters sign them. They can only sign for one candidate per election. Drop me a line and I’ll come to your house and collect them and clean your toilet. We only have 2 weeks. 14 days.
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alitaandhugo.jpg, originally uploaded by donuty.

my favorite.

Photo courtesy of Jane [ profile] donuty.

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, originally uploaded by martha burzynski.

Full Set here

I had a Hot Texas Weiner (a Paterson specialty) and it was amazing.

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More pix from my tour over at Flickr (if you click the photo).

My packing list:
hooded sweatshirt
staple gun

gonna be a great week. Have a lovely Fourth, get your butt onto a rooftop or FDR Drive.

I know it seems chumpy to go into Manhattan, but they close down the whole street and you can picnic in the middle of it right in front of the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. The sound reverberates off the tall buildings behind you. It's amazing.

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The Herald News sent a reporter to cover our tour yesterday; here's her story. There's a photo of [ profile] hadaly in the print version!

I've been exploring Paterson for a few days, from the abandoned Hynchcliffe Stadium to a church at 440 River Street that has been lovingly rehabilitated by a restorer from Colombia and his son, a passion project over the last 15 years.

And this morning we are going to the Egg Platter!
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Unfortunately, awesome photographer Shuli Sade had a family emergency and had to leave the country. That means I'll be pinch-hitting to lead the industrial archeology tour of Paterson, as part of Flux Factory's Paterson Project, this Saturday at 1p.

The tour is free and we meet at the Paterson Museum, which is a ten-minute walk from the bus station.

download Bus Schedule here, you want the 190 express from Port Authority ($11 roundtrip).

Paterson is the first planned industrial city, centered around its Great Falls. There were 200 mills feeding off the power and electricity generated by the river. Come explore a few with me.

Bring your camera and comfortable shoes. There is great ceviche and Middle Eastern food in Paterson, we should grab a hookah and some baba ganoush after.
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such a beautiful shot! by my friend Lauren

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The Fakework Fleet, originally uploaded by pipi_t.

me and my ladies...

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Picture(1.jpg, originally uploaded by Reversible Skirt.

this is a snowglobe at my friend Colleen's house. It makes me happier than anything just to be near it. These two guys are steins and one has a moustache and the other has a clover and they live in a snowglobe. What more is there?


Jun. 20th, 2007 09:10 am
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Where Have You Been?

Conversations on travel. New Yorkers go all over the world, but the
city has a way of swallowing their homecomings. At Where Have You
Been?, three intrepids share stories and slides with those of us who
don't get out much. This month, Paula Zaslavsky hits an unexpected
post-Soviet speed bump between Romania and the Ukraine, author Mykel
Board eats questionable meat in Mongolia, and comedienne Jessica
Delfino finds out if Irish people can take a joke. Interviews by Jeff
Stark. Gorgeous slideshows tightly edited and mercifully short.

Bluestockings Bookstore
172 Allen Street, Manhattan
Wednesday, June 20
7-8:30p; $5 suggested donation

This is going to be good! Who wants to come with?


Jun. 11th, 2007 12:13 pm
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gnarly2, originally uploaded by Lauren Silberman.

me and tracy, hungry for blood...

rest of the set here. or click through the image to Lauren's photos...

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I am watching Lost and it's too scary!!
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This Saturday, June 2nd, at 4pm we are celebrating the opening of the Paterson Project, at the Paterson Museum in (you guessed it) Paterson, NJ.

The Flux Factory (an arts collective) will be in residency for six weeks, holding town meetings, group readings of the William Carlos Williams poem Paterson, lots of great tours (industrial archaeology!!) and otherwise researching and investigating the place. The objective is to create a new monument to Paterson.

I am starting a small community outreach photo project, where I will be giving away disposable cameras to Paterson residents, and displaying the results in the museum as a visual representation of their own Paterson. I've found some really great similar projects out there:
The Cameo Project
and -- both tracking disposable cameras as they are handed off on journeys around the world. I love it.

an artistic collaboration between Flux Factory and an entire city

June 2-July 14

At the opening: meet the participants, eat some food, hear about the project, and most importantly...come to Paterson!

For further information, including a schedule of our summer events in Paterson visit:

Phone: 718-707-3362
Email contact: Stefany Anne Golberg,

Flux Factory is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization
Jean Barberis, Mikey Barringer, Angela Beallor, Jason David Brown, Christine Conforti, Joseph Costa, Giacomo De Stefano, Peter Duyan, Alita Edgar, eteam, Neil Freeman, Dana Gramp, The Ivanhoe Artists Mosaic of Paterson, Suzanne Joelson, Joe Milutis, The Paterson Museum, Leonora Retsas, Joe Ruffilo, Shuli Sade, Ruth Stanford
*Conceived and Organized by Stefany Anne Golberg and Morgan Meis*
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