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First, I'm kind of nervous because it's my first big sale event like this, and it's just one day. Also, my roommate's friend works at Bust and she was saying that they're expecting it to be huge.

We just got the vendor map and my table is right across from Amy Sedaris!
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What do derby girls, Brooklyn artists, trapeze troupes, and their friends do
in their spare time? They create cool crafts & tasty treats for dogs and
people alike! Come check it out on Sunday, Seiso de Mayo at the 2nd Annual
Crafty-Pie! The backyard is open at Union Pool, so come have a drink and
slice of pie and waltz through the display of handmade wares including:
screened shirts & unmentionables, accessories, handbags, pillows, pies, dog
treats and more!

2nd annual Crafty-Pie!
A craft fair featuring Handmade Crafts and Homemade Pie

Sunday, May 6th
at Union Pool

Union Pool is at 484 Union Ave (at Meeker Ave)
Take the L or G to Metropolitan/Lorimer- it's right next to the BQE

Dana will be womanning (ha! smith college) the booth for us because I will be off installing art in the abandoned train terminal in Buffalo. If you can't make it to this one, we are doing another sale next Thursday in Manhattan. But all our stuff is limited edition, most is one-of-a-kind so come snap it up.

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