Apr. 5th, 2007

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Weird mood to go with weird weather! Can't seem to stir myself from home...

I joined bookmooch.com. Go check it out, it is pretty cool for those of you who have the ability to mail things (I think it's genetic, some people just cannot get things in the mail). I am user: reversibleskirt. Add me as a friend!

However, I don't even have 10 books to list yet -- I almost never buy books, only when I have already read them and treasure them do I bother with my own copy. Plus I just purged my bookshelf a few weeks ago. So we'll see how it goes.

Last night I went out for happy hour cocktails with J and co. rather than head straight home to laundry and homework. I am still kind of in work denial after my very hard thesis week. And my reward is people, I am really loving seeing my friends these days (not that I don't always, but I am appreciating it more) and also meeting new people.

Oh ps. the Bronx Courthouse event is full, but if you have a casket/liquor for 50/a string quartet - I can get you in. Serious.

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